Megan's Farewell

I get this weird feeling when God is trying to get my attention. I started noticing this feeling when I was younger. If I was not following God’s direction, I would start feeling uncomfortable and my stomach would feel weird, hence, “the weird feeling.” I guess people call it a gut feeling, Christians call it the Holy Spirit, all the above apply to me in this situation.

Now, as an adult, I notice God uses this weird feeling to get my attention for a redirection. He used the weird feeling when I quit university to enroll myself in an eating disorder recovery program and when He asked me not to pursue a nursing career after earning a BSN degree, no less. And now, He has used the weird feeling to ask me to step away from God’s Enough permanently and give full control over to Laura.

I spent some time wrestling against this weird feeling. I was trying to push it aside and find reasons to justify against it. As a result, I began praying and asking God for a clear decision. It took months of prayer, but a few weeks ago, God provided enough clarity for me to move forward with this decision, but not enough clarity to explain why.

I wish I had a concrete explanation. The truth is God does not owe me or Laura an explanation. He is just steering me another way. I recently released a podcast episode on being obedient to God’s call and direction. I desire to be faithful and trusting in God’s direction instead of having a concrete answer before I act on it.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to come alongside Laura to start God’s Enough. Through this journey, I have met a wonderful woman of God who is passionate about her vision of leading women toward the true God who is enough for them. I am confident she will impact women with the testimony and gifts God has blessed her with. I am looking forward to what God has in store for her and this ministry. Thank you for your continued support of Laura and God’s Enough!

With Love, Megan